Beryllium window (X-ray Transmission)

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Kawaso Texcel's Beryllium windows are widely used for X-ray generator such as X-ray tubes, because beryllium is highly transparent. It's important for beryllium windows that beryllium foils are as thin as possible and firmly fixed to the metal. Usually, beryllium foils are between ten and a few hundred micrometer thick. However, we are able to produce beryllium foil with a thickness of only 8 micrometer. And the foil is not fixed by gluing, but by brazing. Our Beryllium windows are therefore extremely air-tight and corrosion-resistance, so that they can be used in ultra-high vacuum without any outgassing. The brazing of the foils can be carried out on stainless steel, copper, nickel and also aluminium.
We also produce diamond windows which have also proved their reliability in long-term operations under difficult conditions.

Further fields of application for Kawaso Texcel's beryllium windows besides X-ray generators are:
- X-ray inspection apparatus for nondestructive testing of semiconductors
- wavelength and energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzers
- X-ray diffractometer
- X-ray detectors
- X-ray imaging devices