Ultrasonic Flow Meter ATZTA UX/Z Series

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Fuel gas consumption volume is accurately measured because of the large turndown ratio which enables to measure low flow for such as burners and boilers. ATZTA UX and UZ series will contribute to various applications, such as fuel efficiency management for gas engines and air-fuel ratio control for combustion furnaces in combination with Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Air: ATZTA TRX and TRZ series.


1. Wide rangeability (1:50)
Wide rangeability 1:50 from the measurement starting flow-rate to the maximum flow-rate enables the measurement at the time of the standby operation, so it is the most suitable for the gas measurement of burners with a large turndown ratio.

2. No straight pipe section required
For elbow and flexible pipe connection, the original structure of flow pass achieved the installation without straight pipe section, which is space saving.

3. High reliability
The original structure of flow pass removes the pipe noise which influences ultrasonic measurement, so the flow measurement with less noise influence is achieved.

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