screw supplier in Japan

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THK America Inc

Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi, 541-0043 Ōsaka-shi, Japan


Manufacturer Ōsaka-shi, Bearing Supplier Ōsaka-shi, Finishing Materials Supplier Ōsaka-shi, Food Manufacturer Ōsaka-shi, Metal Machinery Supplier Ōsaka-shi

THK(株) 東京製造所

2 Chome−8, 210-0826 Kawasaki-shi, Japan


Manufacturer Kawasaki-shi, Finishing Materials Supplier Kawasaki-shi, Bearing Supplier Kawasaki-shi, Drafting Equipment Supplier Kawasaki-shi, Food Machinery Supplier Kawasaki-shi


5, 346-0101 Kuki-shi, Japan


Manufacturer Kuki-shi, Alcohol Manufacturer Kuki-shi, Auto Parts Manufacturer Kuki-shi, Bearing Supplier Kuki-shi, Equipment Exporter Kuki-shi

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ノードソン(株) 名古屋営業所

Meitō-ku, Nagoya-shi, 465-0045 Nagoya-shi, Japan


Molding Supplier Nagoya-shi, Screw Supplier Nagoya-shi, Tobacco Supplier Nagoya-shi, Polymer Supplier Nagoya-shi

Hardox Wearparts Center Gyoda, Japan

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Industriområde, 61380 Oxelösund, Japan

Hardox Wearparts is the leading partner for wear parts and wear service in the world. With more than 300 centers in more than 80 countries, there is always a Hardox Wearparts center close to you!

Equipment Supplier Oxelösund, Industrial Equipment Supplier Oxelösund


Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya-shi, 468-0045 Nagoya-shi, Japan


Air Compressor Supplier Nagoya-shi, Screw Supplier Nagoya-shi, Industrial Equipment Supplier Nagoya-shi, Pneumatic Tools Supplier Nagoya-shi, Container Supplier Nagoya-shi


Toyonaka-shi, 560-0041 Toyonaka-shi, Japan


Screw Supplier Toyonaka-shi


Kasuya-gun, Sue-machi, 811-2115 Sue-machi, Japan

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIKは、油圧プレス、空/油圧式シリンダー、プレスシステム、および金属接合/締結システムの世界で展開するメーカーです。

Screw Supplier Sue-machi, Industrial Door Supplier Sue-machi, Safety Equipment Supplier Sue-machi, Mechanical Contractor Sue-machi, Pneumatic Tools Supplier Sue-machi


Tōgō-chō, Aichi-gun, 470-0151 Tōgō-chō, Japan


Screw Supplier Tōgō-chō


Minato-ku, 108-0023 Minato-ku, Japan


Screw Supplier Minato-ku, Industrial Equipment Supplier Minato-ku, Industrial Vacuum Equipment Supplier Minato-ku

THK(株) 金沢支店

5 Chome, 鞍月5−181, 920-0062 Kanazawa-shi, Japan


Food Machinery Supplier Kanazawa-shi, Gas Cylinders Supplier Kanazawa-shi, Manufacturer Kanazawa-shi, Metal Machinery Supplier Kanazawa-shi, Metal Processing Company Kanazawa-shi

THK America Inc

Kanazawa-shi, 920-0008 Kanazawa-shi, Japan


Building Firm Kanazawa-shi, Construction Company Kanazawa-shi, Metal Processing Company Kanazawa-shi, Port Operating Company Kanazawa-shi, Railing Contractor Kanazawa-shi


Takasaki-shi, 370-0884 Takasaki-shi, Japan

Alcohol Manufacturer Takasaki-shi, Auto Parts Manufacturer Takasaki-shi, Ladder Supplier Takasaki-shi, Manufacturer Takasaki-shi, Fur Manufacturer Takasaki-shi

日本モレックス(株) 名古屋営業所

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2222 Wellington Ct, 60532 Lisle, Japan

As a leading global supplier of electronic interconnects, Molex is focused on designing and developing innovative solutions critical to products that touch virtually every walk of life.

Semi Conductor Supplier Lisle, Cable Company Lisle, Copper Supplier Lisle, Drafting Equipment Supplier Lisle, Electrical Equipment Supplier Lisle

THK(株) 日立支店

2 Chome−2−7, 312-0018 Hitachinaka-shi, Japan

THK, Linear Motion, LM Guides, Linear bearing, Linear Guide, Ball Splines, Ball Screws, electric actuators, mechatronics products, automobile parts, seismic isolation systems

Manufacturer Hitachinaka-shi, Aircraft Manufacturer Hitachinaka-shi, Bearing Supplier Hitachinaka-shi, Car Manufacturer Hitachinaka-shi, Drafting Equipment Supplier Hitachinaka-shi

Future Electronics

Kita, Osaka, 530-0001 Osaka, Japan

Electronic Parts Supplier Osaka, Electrical Equipment Supplier Osaka, Electronics Accessories Wholesaler Osaka, Farm Equipment Supplier Osaka, Screw Supplier Osaka


1 Chome−12−24, 332-0012 Kawaguchi-shi, Japan

食品、香辛料、工業原料、医薬品、化粧品等用の食品機械、摩砕機、摩砕機用砥石 、粉砕機これらの付属装置の設計、製造、販売を行っています。特に砥石を有する粉砕機・スーパーマスコロイダーシリーズは業界でも有名です。湿式粉砕から乾式粉砕まで、ペーストからスラリー状、そしてパウダー状まで、粗粉砕、中粉砕、微粉砕、超微粉砕のあらゆる粉砕領域に対応します。

Industrial Equipment Supplier Kawaguchi-shi, Bark Supplier Kawaguchi-shi, Equipment Supplier Kawaguchi-shi, Food Machinery Supplier Kawaguchi-shi, Machine Knife Supplier Kawaguchi-shi

Oriental Motors

Hamamatsu-shi, Naka-ku, 430-0928 Hamamatsu-shi, Japan


Industrial Equipment Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Equipment Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Industrial Gas Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Screw Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Printing Equipment Supplier Hamamatsu-shi

Johnson Controls

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5757 N Green Bay Ave, 53209 Glendale, Japan

Welcome to Johnson Controls Facebook page. Like this page to learn about who we are and what we do in the buildings and energy storage industries.

Electronic Parts Supplier Glendale, Manufacturer Glendale, Water Filter Supplier Glendale, Battery Store Glendale, Olive Oil Manufacturer Glendale


Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, 431-2103 Hamamatsu-shi, Japan

Equipment Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Industrial Equipment Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Drilling Equipment Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Screw Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Medical Equipment Supplier Hamamatsu-shi

(株)日本製鋼所 浜松出張所

Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, 433-8122 Hamamatsu-shi, Japan

Equipment Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Industrial Equipment Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Energy Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Industrial Gas Supplier Hamamatsu-shi, Metal Supplier Hamamatsu-shi

パナソニック株式会社 モータ事業部

7 Chome−1−1, 574-0044 Daitō-shi, Japan

パナソニックのFA ・ 一般産業用モータに関する商品情報、ニュースをご紹介いたします。

Appliance Parts Supplier Daitō-shi, Camera Repair Shop Daitō-shi, Printing Equipment Supplier Daitō-shi, Beauty Product Supplier Daitō-shi, Ceiling Supplier Daitō-shi


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60 Tuas Avenue 11, 639106 Singapore, Japan

Panduit is a world-class provider of engineered, flexible, end-to-end electrical and network connectivity infrastructure solutions.

Electronic Parts Supplier Singapore, Screw Supplier Singapore, Copper Supplier Singapore, Decal Supplier Singapore, Electronics Accessories Wholesaler Singapore


4 Chome−6, 東京都千代田区飯田橋4丁目6−1, 102-0072 Chiyoda-ku, Japan

東京都千代田区にある≪国栄通商株式会社≫は、米国BECKMAN社(旧・BIテクノロジー - 現在TT エレクトロニクス)、RCL-ELECTRONICS社(旧・IRC - 現在TTエレクトロニクス)及びCADDOCK ELECTRONICS社の輸入販売代理店として、1975年9月に発足しました。その後、ITW社の輸入代理店として、ITW各種スイッチ、ITWFORMEX(絶縁材)、ITWFASTEX等の品目を加えて、現在電子部品全般に亘る輸入並びに販売を行なっております。

Electronic Parts Supplier Chiyoda-ku, Screw Supplier Chiyoda-ku


Yotsukaidō-shi, 284-0001 Yotsukaidō-shi, Japan


Equipment Supplier Yotsukaidō-shi, Construction Equipment Supplier Yotsukaidō-shi, Electrical Equipment Supplier Yotsukaidō-shi, Insulator Supplier Yotsukaidō-shi, Pipe Supplier Yotsukaidō-shi